The Final Space Post

Greetings and welcome back geeks and nerds!

Yeah. . .

I’ve been busy with work at my local hospital, raising my daughter with my fiance, and life in general. To be honest, I got a very bad result from renting out my home.

I needed to rent it out due to financial matters, as well as the matter of taking care of my Grandfather at his home and assisting him with his bills. I found a (what seemed to be) perfect candidate to rent it out to. She is also a CNA, amongst other occupations she’s been juggling.

Well, long story short, her lease ended, I was asked if I could give her just a little extra time to find a new place. I happily obliged. I actually even gave her an additional three months. Well, turns out all this additional time I gave her she simply used to trash my house.

Holes in the walls in multiple rooms and throughout the hallways, 95% of the carpet completely ruined from various stains and colors, not to mention sections where the carpet looked like it was even melted down. The master bedroom doorknob was replaced with a simple deadbolt (if that doesn’t scream some shadyness is going down, I don’t know what will), as well as almost every single doorframe because completely wrecked.

So, now, somehow, I’m attempting to get the mortgage paid, help my grandfather with his bills and mortgage, as well as my own bills, and try to save up the money to pay my contractor for the damages this vile woman and her fiance has done to my house, and somehow, SOMEHOW, also have enough to pay a +$900 water bill the dickwads left me.

I’m somehow maintaining sanity. I’ve had to literally ignore all of my other bills in order to keep up with the mortgages. However now I have collections after me, and of coarse they seem to think that I can magically spew money out of all of my orifices. Well it just doesn’t work that way guys!

Anyway, since I’ve already gotten off track. . .

I want to get back to my original topic. One of the entertainment things that have constantly been having my fiance and I laugh, and brighten our spirits a bit more, is Olan Roger’s creation, the hit TV show Final Space.

If you haven’t seen or haven’t heard of Final Space, I would highly recommend you start by watching a few of his Youtube videos HERE. I personally, would watch the Stories playlist. ‘Ghost in the Stalls’ was what got me initially to be a fan. I’m not gonna lie, I binge-watched a ton of his videos after seeing that one. The Bad Apple (You have to watch the claymation version of this story, I was in tears) and The Popcorn King have to also be some of my absolute favorites, but I will say each and EVERY story Olan has come out with has tickled me to my very core.

Years down the road, Olan Rogers got some amazing news that most of us can only dream of, his concept for a cartoon (originally titled Gary Space) was cleared for takeoff. TBS picked up the series, and it has hit every chord.

It’s got action, sci-fi, adventure, romance, mystery. . .IMHO, it’s perfect. There’s no repeated backgrounds as most animations have. Every scene is different, leaving the series feeling like an epic movie.

Final Space is packed full of little nods to Olan’s popular Youtube videos. One of the first ones that will be noticed is “It’s a Monday.” being scribbled along the corridor of the Galaxy One (Gary’s ship).

Gary, the main character of the series, voiced by the one and only Olan Rogers, is actually a prisoner aboard the ship. I don’t want to go into too heavy details and ruin the story for you all. Trust me, it’s best to just watch. But I will say that the adventure that follows is one chuck full of laughes literally every few seconds.

This however, does not begin to tell you the vast amount of depth to the show. When I wrote it has everything, I truly meant it. There are scenes where your tear-faucets will get tested and your eyes may potentially rain liquid (or at least sprinkle) in some of the events to come. But it’s an amazing journey worth taking.

Final Space the complete season of both one and two can be found HERE.

If your the type of nerd who loves soundtracks to shows, you can find that HERE.

And you can find a plushie of the ever-lovable Mooncake HERE. There’s also a few others with various facial expressions, but I would stay away from the ones with 0 reviews.

In conclusion, check out Final Space! If you love humor (and who doesn’t?) this show will be up your alley. It’s full of wit, heart, humor and excitement! Season three is available on VUDU and other digital streaming services to own, and the series is still ongoing. It’s not too late by any means to catch up and dive into this sci-fi adventure!

As always, links to products will earn me a small commission (you’re not getting charged more or anything of the sort, I’m simply making a small amount for curating the products to you. So if you click on one of my links, absolutely any sort of purchase would lend my family and I a huge hand financially.

Thanks everyone and please check this show out! You will not be disappointed!

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