The 2021 Mother’s Day Amazon Gift Guide Part One: Amazon Gadgets

Here at Nerdly Cooking, we know how important finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be. Every Mom is different. You have Gamer Moms (rare, but they exist!), Moms the love to cook and bake, Moms that love to keep fit, etc.

We’ve scoured amazon to bring you the best of the best for said Moms, just in time for Mother’s Day! We’ll start off with the best gifts for the techie Moms!

Amazon Echo Auto is an excellent choice for a Mom that commutes a lot. The Echo Auto is normally priced at $49.99, but is on sale NOW at $24.99. As if this price wasn’t great enough, they also offer an option for a free six month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Keeping up with the tech side of things, the Echo Show 8 offers unlimited cloud storage, and is marked down from their usual price of $129.99 to an amazing $74.99! We actually picked one of these up for my Fiance’s Mother, and she loves it! Being far away and not being able to see family is rough, especially these days with Covid. The Echo Show has actually been able to give us the next best thing, delivering a high quality video call so we can hear the family and see them in HD.

This is a “luxury item” that also doesn’t have to break the bank. Not only is it marked down, but you also have the option to do five monthly payments of $15. You can also hook your Echo up to your Amazon Music, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Ring, and more!

The third generation of the Echo Show 10 is also a great choice, on sale now at $199.99 compared to the normal price of $249.99 (with the option of five monthly payments of $40). You can also get the 10 right now with one FREE Ring Light Bulb.

You can also nab the Echo Dot (4th generation) smart speaker with clock on sale now for $39.99 (regularly $59.99), or five payments of $8. You can afford $8 a month!

Our last Amazon smart device for the techie Moms out there is the Amazon Halo! If you haven’t heard of it, the Halo by Amazon works as a Fitbit does, measuring your activity, sleep, and even body fat percentage! This neat little device can also recognize the tone of your voice, to gauge energy levels and general wellness. You can also communicate with Alexa through the Halo. You can pick one up now for the low price of $84.99 on sale from $99.99 (and of coarse, monthly payments are possible with five of them at $17 each).

They come in sizes Small, Medium and Large, and colors of Black + Onyx, Blush + Rose Gold, or Winter + Silver.

In all honesty, this product would be our top choice for Amazon gadgets!

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