Trying the Best Drive-Through Cuisine From Bismarck, ND

Being a Bismarck resident since I’ve been roughly three years old, I had to start our journey in my home town. There are a great number of people out there who seem to think North Dakota is nothing but a cold, desolate, frozen over state. That may be true in the winter, but the summer is definitely another story.

But this website isn’t about the weather. We’re here to talk about food! And on that note, we’ll start out by discussing my all time favorite drive-through in the Bismarck – Mandan area.

The Bismarck / Mandan area has opened up so many amazing places over the years, as well as having a ton of fantastic restaurants that have been here since the early years of Bismarck – Mandan.

Some old and new honorable mentions are The Peacock Alley, The Blarney Stone, Frybread Mama’s (I gotta admit, I’ll be writing another blog post about these guys, as they are an absolute close to favorite!), The Little Cottage, The Craftcade, The Walrus, Anima, Jack’s Steakhouse, JL Beers, and Grand Junction Grilled Subs. Keep in mind, I’m trying to pick and choose absolute favorites and places that aren’t so vast throughout the US (which is why, even though Texas Roadhouse some fantastic food, I’m not including them).

Now, after all the honorable mentions (definitely places you need to try when you visit!) My all time favorite place to order delicious food, is the Big Boy of Bismarck.

With only 67 locations left in the United States, the Big Boy is a rare gem. Big Boy is located at 2511 E Main Avenue. On Google Maps, they have a star rating average of 4.4 from a total of 784 reviews. Big Boy has been a Bismarck resident for quite a number of years. My Grandparents use to tell me about how they would go there for a date night and get a hamburger meal with milk for less than $2.00. Unfortunately, prices that good cannot last forever. But what has lasted is the delicious food.

I have never once had a complaint on my order from this restaurant. The Pizza Burger and Alpine Burger are my absolute favorite. It’s really hard for me to try their entire menu due to the fact that I ALWAYS have to get at least one or the other, or both! I use to order 10 Pizza Burgers for myself, and I would literally eat seven of them in one sitting. At 5’9, 150lbs, I thought of that as an achievement!

The gravy is an absolute must to order, pairing well with just about any food item on the menu.

The drinks that they offer are the typical ones found in just about all restaurants, as well as a few hidden gems, like frozen cokes (the best I’ve ever tried), purple and brown cows, hot ‘n’ tots, and a special item not even listed on their menu (I tend to get the name wrong, but I believe it’s a Strawberry Freeze. It has vanilla ice cream in it with a delicious strawberry liquid in the middle of it all. It’s AMAZING).

You’ll find a list of right around 33 hotels available to book at HERE if you chose to come visit my hometown. It is a beautiful, quiet city that anyone can appreciate. We have a decent amount of quiet fishing spots, a Zoo that the whole family can enjoy, plenty of shopping attractions throughout the two neighboring cities, and all around helpful, friendly residents.

Come book a flight to Bismarck now to explore plenty of delicious, home-cooked style foods!

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