The Legend of Zelda Special

Oh yes. We know this is the grand daddy of all of nerdy/geeky cooking! We too have yearned to make those delicious looking red potions to help us feel better.

Strap in, because we’re going to link you to a barrel-load of goodies for all of your Zelda cooking desires!

First, let’s go over some essentials that are just too awesome not to have in your kitchen! Any and every adventurer needs protection, which is why this Legend of Zelda apron makes the perfect starter gear for the aspiring cook- errr, adventurer!

Now that you look the part, you’re going to need some tools! Every adventurer needs tools for their quest! And what is our quest? Cooking delicious food as nerdly as we can!

We have found several BEAUTIFUL Legend of Zelda cutting boards and will highlight only a few of our favorites.

You got your gear, your cutting boards, but no blades. We’re going to fix that! While at this time, we couldn’t find any Legend of Zelda themed utensils or knives (come on now, who wouldn’t want a knife that resembles the Master Sword?) We did find an absolutely incredible looking kitchen knife set that gives off the fantasy vibe. You have to see them in full size to truly appreciate the detail.

Alright folks! We have some of the bare basics. A bad ass apron, some beautiful cutting boards, and some amazing looking kitchen knives! Part two will continue, diving into drinkware, and a few other surprises!

Some Nerdy Goodies!

Welcome back!

Incase it hasn’t been too obvious, Maria and I made it so our blog will update with random delicious recipes that you all may enjoy! But there’s more to come than just random recipe videos.

Today I’d like to touch on some (what I deem) essential nerd gear for the kitchen!

In addition to my prior recommendation, the same publisher has released a book for drink recipes! They cover all topics of fan culture, from Harry Potter, to Game of Thrones, to The Legend of Zelda, to Star Trek! Pick up your Geeky Chef Drinks here!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. One book clearly doesn’t have enough recipes for us nerds and geeks out there. I mean, come on, tell me you HAVEN’T been wanting oh so badly to make a cup of Pumpkin Juice from Harry Potter? Or what about some of that AMAZING looking Studio Ghibli food? Maybe you’ve been wanting to tear into that Herring and Pumpkin Pot Pie from Kiki’s Delivery Service? The point is. . .for more absurdly geeky cooking fun, The Geeky Chef Strikes Back is the sequel cookbook you not only deserve, but the cookbook you NEED!

While those book satisfy most pop culture fans, some of my other geeks and nerds may be asking, “That’s all fine and dandy, but where the hell is our D&D love?”

No need to roll your D20 to see if we’ll be successful at counting you in. We have your back. For you, we went on a long, harrowing quest and at the end of the dungeon, we found The Heroes’ Feast, which is the official Dungeon’s and Dragons cookbook! RIP to our Halfling comrade, Gerald. He never survived.